Natasha Ishak


About Natasha 

Natasha is an Indonesian journalist and writer based in New York City. Her work covers culture, social issues and politics, and has been featured in VICE, The Nation, Bustle, WBAI New York, Boston Globe Magazine and other media outlets. She is content manager for women-led journalism initiative The Rational and a regular contributor for local political coverage at Bushwick Daily. She's reported and written for policy-focused publication Commonwealth Magazine on local stories from state budget failures to policy debates on immigration, and interviewed researchers and investigated scientific oddities for WGBH's NOVA/PBS online show Gross Science

In 2015, Natasha bravely swapped the friendly tropics of Indonesia for the frigid air of New England to pursue a graduate degree in Boston. Before that, she worked as a production assistant for Indonesia's 'Today' show equivalent, the Indonesia Morning Show on NET TV. She found her footing as a writer at English-language daily The Jakarta Post, working her way up from proofreader to become deputy editor of the publication's teen lifestyle magazine, Speak!.

Got story ideas to share? Email her at natashapishak[at]gmail[dot]com.

Ms. Ishak conducted her research in such a well-managed time frame that she delivered a version which required significantly less revisions than I was accustomed to — a testament to her writing ability, no doubt, but also her initiative, determination, and discipline. Working with her and editing her work was a pleasure.
— Olivia Tiffany Soga, Managing Editor, The Rational Online
What most impressed me about Natasha is how she landed the job. She sent me an email
inquiring about a position, which I read but didn’t get around to answering. She followed up with
another email and, possibly, another email. At any rate, I finally got on the phone with her and
we arranged to meet. She came in and left with an internship. Her very pleasant determination
impressed me.
— Bruce Mohl, Editor-in-Chief, Commonwealth Magazine